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Hollow Worship

Worship: what is it? this word has been adopted by the church, but has been used for centuries. People worship all kinds of things, though they may not realize it. Is it celebrity, fashion, power, influence, or just shiny new stuff? Many people have a different image in their heads of what this word really even means. What are we worshipping? What about the kind of worship that could change us for the better? In part two of this series, we dive into the most excellent type of worship that most of us don’t even take time to think about.

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What Would Jesus Undo?

Life moves so quickly. Work, job, kids, appointments, friends, chores, and more always begging to be the most important thing. It can seem overwhelming. With all of these other things dominating our attention and filling our momentary needs, where is the time to be purposeful about investing in our spiritual piggy bank? The simple truth is, today’s needs won’t mean much in Eternity, but there are so many distractions to blind us from this fact. How do we balance the now and the eternal, and find the abundance of life that God promises? This week, we begin opening the door of the life God wants for us.

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