Plan a Visit


Be Part of Something Different

Real relationships with real people who actually care about who you are today.

No pretending allowed. Take off your mask and be real. We don’t let perfect people in anyway.

Church… but for people who don’t like church

Don’t go to church. Be the church. We are for Sunbury.

The future matters more than the past, so stop looking in the rearview mirror and more forward.

Smile. Laugh. Leave the stress behind. Have fun.


Before Service

  • Park in a guest space right by the front doors, which is really helpful when it rains
  • Snag a high five from a greeter on your way in the building
  • Securely check your kids in to City North Kids, and speed up the process by pre-registering
  • Grab a hot cup of coffee and head in to the auditorium

During Service

  • Worship along with all new, exciting, and inspiring music
  • Listen to a Biblical message from Pastor Andrew that applies to your day-to-day life
  • Fill out a Connect Card and we'll give $5 to the Sunbury House
  • Experience the love and grace of God in a fresh, life-changing way

After Service

  • Check your kids out of City North Kids
  • Meet somebody who cares about you enough to remember your name
  • Head home energized and ready to rock life the next six days
  • Repeat and bring a friend!

What About My Kids?