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Tomorrow Matters

Handling money God’s way includes some things we often don’t think about, like investing. God is looking for multipliers, and the only way to multiply our money is by letting our money make money. Sound odd? Jesus talked about it, and when he did he said some pretty strong things. As we close this series we’ll look at one of the least talked about parts of God’s approach to finances.

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Giving is Good

Generosity. Giving. For some people those words provoke some strong emotions when we talk about them in church. But what if generosity isn’t what we think it is. What if generosity is actually the key to unlocking God’s potential in us because it’s at the core of his heart? What if giving isn’t really about money, but is about changing the world?

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Stress is Bad

Stress is bad, especially financial stress. We all have it...but what if you could remove it from your life, permanently? It is a possibility no matter how much money you make if you’ll begin to put these principles into practice.

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