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Letters Part 3

Social Media seems to be full of controversy anymore. Posts dealing with politics or unpopular opinions only add fuel to the fires of personal choice, preference, party, or pride. There was plenty of this social unrest and dissension within the early church as well, especially as Jews and Gentiles tried to figure out the “rules” and which ones should be enforced. These divisions even led to some painful assumptions and hurting people. We won’t spoil the ending, but the way we deal with people, especially those we should have love for, is never something we should take lightly. Tune in this week, to catch the way God addresses the things that divide us, and the bigger plan he has for us all.

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Unconditional Love

Do you have some people in your life that you just tolerate? Who grate on your nerves and don’t leave a lot of room to be loved? Sure we are supposed to love everyone, but people don’t make it easy sometimes. Have you ever felt like you were on the other end of that stick? Just tolerated? The truth is, we all filter the ideals and practicalities of WHAT love is, through the lens of personal experience. This often leaves us with a very shallow view of what love, much less the kind God gives, can be. But God’s love is unconditional. He chooses us, and chooses to love us through our brokenness and humanity. This week we talk about what being chosen means, and how it can change the way you see and interact with the world.

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