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Empowering the Poor

We know that poverty exists in the world, but how do we treat it in our own backyard? How do we detach from a worldly view of success and begin serving the person instead? Join in as we discuss principles that will help us adjust our perspective and find connection with all people.

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Orphans Embraced

It’s difficult in this day and age to imagine what it’s like to grow up as an orphan, yet there are still so many in the world today. What can we do to change this reality? This week, we sit down with Cindi Gremling of the Sunbury House to talk about what the Church can do to live out the Bible’s call to care for orphans.

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Racism Reconciled

God calls us to be neighbors, but sometimes it is hard to see the invisible lines we draw. How do we rise above societal bias and racial stigma? What role does racism play in our approach to loving people? In part one of this four-part series, we explore where faith and community intersect and break down the barriers of racism.

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