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Help Me Help You

Mental Health is such an under-addressed topic, but affects many, including those in relationship with God. We wrap up our series on where mental health and faith intersect, with a Q&A session designed to address the personal questions many have always wanted to ask.

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Freedom from Chains

All we really want is freedom from our chains. But what if it's not actually the chains that are binding us? What if the reason we can't seem to be free is because we approach freedom the wrong way? What if in our attempt to be free we're actually tightening our chains and ensuring we'll never be free? This week we look at freedom in a new way and take a fresh look at the one thing we all want.

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I Don't Want What I Need

What do you do when you discover the monster that lived in your closet as a kid didn't actually disappear, but just moved closets? You run and hide, of course! But the monster doesn't go away in the dark. It grows. And grows. And grows. The only thing that gets the monster back in the closet is light, but we fear the light more than the monster, because the light has the potential to prove the monster is real. This week we face the monster head on and find the hope we need to face him.

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