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Sticky Baggage

Many of us have tried over and over to drop our baggage, and maybe we've been successful with a lot of us. But for so many people there's that one thing we just can't seem to let go of. No matter how many times we try to drop it it just seems like it's stuck to us. This week we learn how we can get rid of the sticky baggage that has been with us for so long.

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Relational Baggage

Lots of different kinds of baggage are heavy, but relational baggage is the heaviest. All of us have been hurt, wounded, or betrayed by someone close to us. We're handed baggage, and it's so hard to drop it. What we don't realize is that our relationships in the horizontal actually determine our relationship in the vertical. God doesn't play ball when we choose to hold on to the baggage. But there is hope, and there is an answer. Listen in to learn how to drop your relational baggage once and for all.

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Guilty Baggage

Some baggage is a little heavier than others. Guilt is one of the heavy bags. For so many people guilt has driven their relationship with God and it has stolen all the joy and life from it. This week we tackle guilty baggage head-on, uncover the lie, and tell you the truth so you can drop the guilt and have a life-giving relationship with God once and for all.

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The Problem With Baggage

Baggage. Everyone has it, but few people deal with it. It weighs us down, makes us tired, and keeps us stuck, and yet we keep carrying it year after year after year. But what would happen if we could drop the baggage from our past and step fully into what God has for us tomorrow? In part one of this five part series we unpack the true problem with our baggage and what we can do to live free and travel light.

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