Posts in Part 3
Freedom from Chains

All we really want is freedom from our chains. But what if it's not actually the chains that are binding us? What if the reason we can't seem to be free is because we approach freedom the wrong way? What if in our attempt to be free we're actually tightening our chains and ensuring we'll never be free? This week we look at freedom in a new way and take a fresh look at the one thing we all want.

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Empowering the Poor

We know that poverty exists in the world, but how do we treat it in our own backyard? How do we detach from a worldly view of success and begin serving the person instead? Join in as we discuss principles that will help us adjust our perspective and find connection with all people.

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New Finances

Money. Is there ever enough of it? Can it ever stop causing us stress? In part three of "Brand New" we look at finances and discover how God can transform us from the inside out and give us real change financially.

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