a place you can belong

10:30a Sundays | 250 Rainbow ave., sunbury


No matter where you’ve been God has a future for you.

We’ll help you find it.


“City North is different. Nobody judges where I came from, and people are really there for me. Not just with words, but with their actions.”

- Karina E.



JANUARY 6 - 27


We start each new year with the best intentions. We set goals, we make resolutions, and we start changing things. But no matter how good our intentions the changes just don’t seem to stick do they?

This January we’ll learn how to break through all the barriers that keep us stuck so we can have our best year yet. Stop settling for less than your best year. This is your time. This is your year.

Sundays | 10:30a | 250 Rainbow ave., sunbury


messages in this series will be available starting 1/7


city north birthday party smiling people fun 2018

Sundays | 10:30a

250 rainbow ave., sunbury