• What are your weekend services like?

  • We view Sunday morning as the time to bring your friends and family to hear about the life-giving love of Jesus. That means our Sundays are unapologetically focused on people who are not a part of our church yet. From the time you pull in our parking lot to when you leave you’ll know there are people who love you exactly the way you are.

    Each weekend at City North you’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with inspiring, fresh worship music and a practical, relevant messages. You’ll also find a printed outline for notes in your worship guide that will help you make the most of each week’s teaching. Children are well-cared for in a loving, quality nursery and fun-filled City North Kids experience. Most of all you’ll find a community of imperfect people pursuing a perfect God. You won’t have to put on a fake face, pretend you’re something you’re not, or feel judged, because we're all on the same journey together.

  • What should I wear to attend your services?

  • Most of us wear jeans and t-shirts, but feel free to wear whatever you would like. We care far more about who you are than what you wear.

  • Where are you located?

  • We have weekend services at 250 Rainbow Ave., Sunbury, OH 43074.

  • What about my children?

  • Your children are one of our top priorities. Every week we offer environments for all children from six weeks through fifth grade called City North Kids. Our promise to you is that your child will be safe, secure, and have a whole lot of fun! Every City North Kids team member is trained and background checked to ensure the safety and guarantee the security of your child. Take the morning off and breathe!

    For your students grades 6-12 we offer the opportunity to be the church right now, rather than the "church of tomorrow". We help students discover their God-given purpose and give them opportunities to serve in meaningful ways to fulfull that purpose. Whether as a kids small group leader, a part of the band band, a greeter, or any number of other teams, at City North your students won't have to wait to make a difference!

  • How can I meet others and get connected?

  • It all starts with coming to a weekend service. We know that can be intimidating, but you can't meet people without, well, meeting people! At City North you'll find real people with real life and real issues just like yours. Maybe that sounds crazy, but there are no perfect people allowed here.

    From there you can choose from a few next steps to get connected further. You can begin to find freedom in a small group, discover your purpose in the Growth Track, or make a difference on the Dream Team.

  • How can I be discipled and grow?

  • Every Sunday you will experience a Biblical, challenging, applicable message that will help you grow, but the reality is life change happens best in the context of relationships. The best way for you to experience life-changing growth in your faith is in a small group.

  • Why do you have small groups?

  • Small groups are vital to your faith. Groups allow you to connect relationally with people in a way that will spur your relationship with God forward. As City North Church grows, groups allow us to “stay small” and connected. Groups are available for all ages and interests—there’s bound to be one that’s just right for you. Learn more about why we’re big on small groups, or get connected to a group by visiting our small group page.

  • What denomination are you a part of?

  • City North launched through the Association of Related Churches, but we are a non-denominational church. We don't think there is anything wrong with a part of a denomination; it's just not who we are. To find out more about what we believe and our structures you can discover your purpose in Growth Track.