• September - October 2018
  • So many people deal with mental illness daily, whether they suffer themselves or they have loved ones who do. Yet for many of us we also struggle to reconcile mental illness with our faith. Christians are supposed to have joy, right? We’re supposed to be hopeful. We’re supposed to trust God in all things.

    To make matters worse, some of us have been told there’s something wrong with us. We’ve been told to have more faith, or to trust God more, by someone who has never walked in our shoes. We’re told we can’t be depressed and we can’t be anxious because the Bible says so.

    But the truth is we’re trying! Every day we’re trying to trust God. We’re trying to not be depressed, to not be anxious. But we don’t know how. And we just feel like we’re failing.

    So how do we reconcile mental illness and faith? Is it even possible to be a Christian and struggle with mental illness? Is freedom possible?

    In this original series we take a head-on, real life, no pretense look at mental illness and faith. We’ll find places in the Bible that talk about mental illness (yeah, it’s definitely in there!)

    You won’t find cliches here. But you will find hope.

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