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Church for people

who don't like church

No, seriously. That's who we are.

Look, we get it. Church is terrible sometimes. It's too political, it's too old-fashioned. It's too hypocritical.

But it doesn't have to be that way. It really can simply be about Jesus and people.

So plan your visit today and join us at 10:30 this Sunday morning.

You won't find church as you've always known it. But you will find hope, and you will find family. Period. 

Plan Your Visit Now! Plan Your Visit Now!

 COmmon Questions

  • What is Plan Your Visit?

  • Plan Your Visit is an extra special experience for first time guests who want a personalized touch. If you plan your visit now we'll give you a quick phone call to get to know you so we can design a personalized experience for you and anyone you're bringing with you. Our host team will:

    • Meet you at the front doors
    • Help you get your kids checked in to City North Kids
    • Have hot coffee waiting for you
    • Give you a tour of the facility
    • Introduce you around
    • Save some great seats for you

    Don’t wait another minute! Plan your visit now. We can’t wait to meet you.

  • What Will I Experience?

  • Wear what you're comfortable in, drink coffee in the auditorium, experience encouraging, inspiring music, and hear a challenging, relevant message from Pastor Andrew Scholz. Oh, and your kids? They'll BEG you to come back to City North Kids next week! Don't you wish church was that fun when YOU were a kid??

  • What Will My Kids Experience??

  • An exciting place to learn about God

    Do you remember when you went to church as a kid and you were bored out of your mind? So do we. That's why we're committed to making church FUN again!

    In City North Kids, your children will experience exciting music, an age-appropriate and fun Bible lesson, and YOU won't have to worry about them one bit. Well... you will have to worry that they'll drag you out of bed next Sunday because they can't wait to come back!

    Life-changing relationships

    Parenting is HARD. There's no manual, no playbook, and no magic button that makes it all work. That's why our goal is to provide both you and your kids life-changing relationships in City North Kids.

    Your kids will meet small group leaders that genuinely care about them and will remember their name. And you'll meet a team of people who believe in you, love you, and will help resource you to make your job easier as a parent. You can't lose!

  • What is the service time and location?

  • We meet on Sundays at 10:30am at 250 Rainbow Ave., Sunbury, OH 43074.

    When you arrive on Sunday our parking team will make sure you get you a great spot.

Plan Your Visit Now! Plan Your Visit Now!

 Still not convinced?

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Plan Your Visit Now! Plan Your Visit Now!

 Get here Sunday!

It could change your life… forever

Plan Your Visit Now! Plan Your Visit Now!