Music Team Audition Resources

Please use the resources below to prepare for your music team audition. In your audition we are looking for a few specific things:

  1. Knowledge/understanding of the dynamic structure and progression of the song (i.e. location of builds, where to come in/out, etc.)
  2. Ability to play specific part (i.e. same grooves, hooks, etc. used by original recording artists)
  3. General musical ability apart from the songs (i.e. ability to keep consistent rhythm/time, technical proficiency, etc.)

**The musicians playing these songs are professionals. We are not looking for exact, perfect replication of their parts. If you are unable to play the recorded part figure out a way to simplify the part to fit your playing ability. We are looking for an ability to play to the feel of the song.**

Song 1 - Look to the Son, Hillsong Worship

Song 2 - Love So Great, Hillsong Worship

Song 3 - Resurrecting, Elevation Worship