Posts in Part 4
Help Me Help You

Mental Health is such an under-addressed topic, but affects many, including those in relationship with God. We wrap up our series on where mental health and faith intersect, with a Q&A session designed to address the personal questions many have always wanted to ask.

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The Face of Fear

Fear is universal. It begins with our survival instinct at birth, but as we grow something terrible happens. The fear intended to keep us alive becomes a fear that keeps us from fully living. We become fearful of so many things we were never supposed to be afraid of, and Satan whispers “what if’s” in our mind to drive us deeper and deeper, knowing the more fearful we are the less we can live in God’s freedom. But what if we could overcome fear once and for all? What if we could stand in the face of fear? And what if the way we do it is more simple than we could possibly imagine.

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Uncommon Conflict

Great relationships are possible but not probable. That's because the world's way of doing relationships doesn't work. In order to have great relationships we have to know God's uncommon way. This week we look at conflict, which is unavoidable in any relationship. But we can learn to do conflict God's way and let it strengthen our relationships instead of weakening them.

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